Central Highlands

Victoria Golf Club, Kandy, Sri Lanka : Year round golf in a cool, sunny climate 1500 ft above sea level , The 18-hole championship golf course set in a 517-acre site by the Victoria reservoir was designed to USPGA specification by golf architect Donald Steel.

Kandy’s location over the river, Mango trees, the man-made lake right at the centre of the town, the surrounding hills, the nature reserve, the temple, the ambience, the royal history, botanical gardens, and cultural attractions around the city; everything about the town is beautiful. Look to the content of your heart & play Golf too .

The town : The town centre, close to Kandy picturesque lake set in a bowl of hills, is a delightful jumble of old shops, antique & gemstone shops, a bustling market & fine selection of hotels, guesthouses & restaurants.

Knuckles Range
If you really want to get away from all the king’s culture & king’s men, there is wilderness. The rugged Knuckles Range (within the Central Massif), just east of Kandy, is the hill country’s last great wilderness area & a wonderful location for trekking, cycling & bird spotting. The highest peak in the Knuckles Range (KR) is 1904 m.

Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest
A world heritage site: Wa terfalls & streams, flora & fauna, ferns & liana, birds & mammals, butterflies & reptiles

The 15 million year old Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest also known as Lion King Tropical Rain Forest of Sri Lanka, a living world heritage site. Tropical Rain Forest has something for every one with diverse activities & interests: to the nature lover, to the photographer, to the artist, to the ecologist & to the scientist. With more than 18899 acres (6648ha) of hilly virgin, uninhabited woodland in the Sinharaja Forest alone.

Belihul Oya
Nature & Adventure, Water Falls, Trekking, Canoeing, Tea plantations, Paddy fields, Reservoir.

The River Belihul Oya, just 20km in length & 160 Km from Colombo, originates on Horton Plains National Park (1524m) high above, then flows, gushes, tumbles & drops through an assortment of eco systems all the way to into modern man-made Samanalawewa Reservoir. The river, watched over by series of mountain peaks including Gon Molliya ("The Hump of an Ox") & Paravi ("Pigeon"), crates some very beautiful waterfalls in its downhill path, including Baker’s Falls on Horton Plains, Pahanthuda Falls & Demodara Falls. Paddy fields surrounding the settlement are fed by streams from the river.

Horton Plains National Park, Central highlands
The importance of conservation of the park
Perched on the southern edge of the Central highlands, midway between Nuwara Eliya & Haputale is Horton Plains Nation Park (7200 ft). The Park (10,000 ha), named after British governor Sir Robert Horton is a world apart from rest of the tropical island. This is the island’s highest & most isolated plain, a result of millions of years of erosion. The importance of conservation of the park lies in, among others, in its role as the catchment area of the major rivers of the island.

The best places in the island for bird watching and this is a home to Sambar deer which keep to the edge of wooded areas. Also home to the rhino-horned lizard, a rare relic species,Some lizards with outlandishly fluorescent green scales is also seen.

Marvelous views :Along the marvelous views of craggy peaks, which forms the southern boundary of the hill country, are Sri Lanka’s second & third highest, Mount Kirigalpota (2395m) & Mount Totapolkanda (2359m), which stand at the edge of the park. Horton Plains National Park (HPNP) was recommended for the tentative listing of World Heritage Sites (WHS).

Rathnapura Island of Gems
Sri Lanka has the greatest concentration of gems on earth and is ranked among the top five gem-bearing nations. The uniqueness of the gem pits of Ratnapura is that a broad array of gems are found in the same pit, i.e. sapphires, ruby, star ruby, alexandrite cat’s eye, topaz, spinel, citrine amethyst, moonstone, aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet, zircon, etc. Gem pits surround the town. Most of the large-scale gem businessmen of Sri Lanka together with foreign gem traders operate from Ratnapura to trade in international market. Ratnapura’s famous sapphires in a wide range of colours – white, yellow, pink, orange, purple & blue.

Nuwara Eliya (The Little England)
Tea plantations, l waterfalls, golfing, bird watching, horse riding,

The city with the highest altitude in the beautiful tropical island. And true to the expectations, we find breathtaking views of valleys, meadows, mountains and greenery in salubrious climate. It’s hard to imagine that Nuwara Eliya is only 180 km from hot and humid Colombo. And you will fall in love with Nuwara Eliya as did the British settlers. The consummate combination of salubrious climate & the breathtaking landscape is a soothing balm, as Sir Edward Barnes discovered when he was governing the island in 1828 & used it as his up-country retreat.

Water Falls around Nuwara Eliya :There are many popular water falls around the town. Many could be visited as a part of trekking and/or hiking expeditions.

Horton plans:The Horton plans are an expanse of misty grassland, rear and beautiful plants, ice cold streams ( Baker’s Falls). The Worlds End is the high point of an excursion to the hortan plans as it commands a most magnificient view in al of Sri lanka.

Victoria park: Bird watching & stroll: Nuwara Eliya is popular bird watching country, & there are two excellent areas close to the town. Galway Land Bird Sanctuary covers 60 ha to the north of Lake Gregory,

Hakgala Botanical Gardens Nuwara Eliya : Bird watching, Rose Gardens, Spice Gardens, Orchid House, Cactus House, Flower Garden, Fernery, Arboretum, Bulb Garden, Rock Garden